Friday, December 15, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 7

We're halfway through December! It's been a crazy busy month (like every year....) but going well.  Today is my oldest son's birthday.  How he got to be 8 is beyond me - I feel like I was still pregnant with him like a minute ago!

So happy birthday to this cool guy.  He's my mini scientist, rad selfie taker, and overall fantastic little man.  Happy birthday Noah :)

And now....another outfit sheet!

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I came across a fashion plate from 1885 that had these great dresses with asymmetrical top skirts.  They were so complimentary and gorgeous!

Remember to come back on Sunday for another sheet. I'm *hoping* to get it up early but we have two birthday parties on Saturday! I'll do what I can :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 6

I didn't realize until I was finished with this set that the fashion plate I referenced was from 1898.  The first set of dresses were also from 1898! Maybe I just like that year in fashion....

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My next set will not be from 1898! There are so many great fashion plate examples to work from that it can be hard to choose.  I guess that's good, especially for a project like this!

Is there a year in the Victorian era you'd really like to set represented? Let me know and I'll fit it in. Come back Friday for another sheet!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 5

December is as third of the way finished, which I find hard to believe! Also, I'm officially making these as-needed instead of well in advance!! Things got hectic and I fell behind.... I'm still confident that I'll be able to meet my deadlines, so you should definitely expect another set on the 13th!

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We've finally had our first snow here in New England.  From what I understand, pretty much everyone on the Eastern seaboard from Mexico to Canada got at least a little snow! Crazy!! We've got a lot ahead of us this month (two birthdays, Christmas, etc....) but this set is still a priority!!

Check back on the 13th and make sure I'm still on-task :)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 4

Winter is finally on its way to New England! December snow is nice -- just enough to cover the ground, have a white Christmas, etc.  March and April snowstorms are significantly less fun!  But there's something almost amazing about the first snow and it's coming this weekend!

Today's Little Ladies wardrobe sheet features fur-trimmed jackets and skirts from circa 1893. I took a few liberties with my source material.  I'm not always crazy about giant bows.... And the hats for this series have been a challenge....

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I'd like to say that I'm super far ahead in this project and they're all just waiting to be posted.  I'd like to, but it would be a lie! I always manage to pull it off, though!

Let me know what you think so far - there will be another wardrobe sheet on Monday!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 3

For today's installment of the Little Ladies, I wanted to make ballgowns.  I'm not totally happy with the skirt on the left.  I've said many times that "good enough" is sometimes adequate.  I'd like every drawing to be perfect, of course, but that just isn't how these things work!

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These ballgowns are loosely based on these ballgowns. I may go back and edit the gown on the right.  I'm not sure yet.  In my reference image, the overskirt was all lace, but my wrist simply wasn't up for that challenge!

The next Little Ladies set will go up on the 9th - I'm running on an every/other schedule this year!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 2

So what did everyone think of the first wardrobe sheet? I liked drawing all the fussy details and I hope you all enjoyed it, too.  That's why I decided to keep these black & white this year - there's no way I could have drawn all the details on every set AND colored them and posted them on schedule.

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Today's set is based on this fashion plate from 1876.  Because these dolls are so starkly front facing, much of the awesome details I liked about my source material kind of get scrapped.  Oh well.  I like the pleats on both sets as a bit of a unifying element.

If I ever get around to coloring all of these, I'll go with a limited palette for maximum mix and match options.  If you're coloring at home, you might want to experiment with that, too!  And for more fashions, come back on December 7th! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Little Ladies: Outfit Sheet 1

Today is the first wardrobe sheet for the Little Ladies paper doll project! When I first sketched this out, I didn't have hats.  Hats are a pain to draw, easy to lose when cut out, and generally not my favorite thing to make.  However, hats were crucial to Victorian fashion and I wanted a Victorian inspired paper doll.  So there are hats. 

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These outfits are based on antique catalogue pages I found on Pinterest here and here.  I don't remember where I found the hats... Anyway, these aren't perfect representations of the source material, but a reasonable interpretation. These are fashions from about 1898, if anyone is curious! 

Look for more in this continuing, month-long series on December 5th - remember, I'm running an every other day schedule this year!